As I’ve said in the past, my blog entries tend to come through inspiration from my current affairs. So it’s no surprise that just over a week after the annual music concert ‘Isle of MTV’, I’ve based the title on one of the headliners’ lyrics. But before you start thinking this is going to be all about ‘partying hard, etc. etc. (you all know the song 😉 ) ’…, I’ll throw in another quote to explain exactly where I’m going with this:

 “Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life”

Hehe, this is kind of ironic giving that I’m writing this from my work account but I really do value these words. I see too many people who get so wrapped up in their jobs that they end up with no actual life outside of their work. I understand that deadlines are important and that often it is difficult to get things done on time and yes there are occassions where working overtime isn’t a choice but a necessity but try not to let it take over. Even if it means taking a 15 minute pause to just be one with your thoughts, although ideally you do give yourself a longer break now and again. You’d be surprised how much more efficient you can be when you give your mind some sort of distraction for a while.

This is starting to sound too negative towards the aspect of work and people who work hard or rather long hours in general. On the contrary I have huge respect for these people as I do understand that this is often brought on by their extreme passion for their job or rather their company. Don’t get me wrong here, I’m no slacker; in fact I like to think that I do work hard to achieve certain targets in my job and yes I’ll admit it there have been times where I have been victim to the ‘curious case of the workaholic’ but only temporarily because of an important event. This said, as I’m made clear in numerous pieces I’ve written in the past – It’s all about BALANCE ! You have to find time for everything – your job, your hobbies, your family and friends and most importantly YOURSELF.

What’s my secret ? I once told my coach that I was invincible  (he saved the message and reminds me of it now and then) but joking apart its all about time management and keeping an open mind. If you believe you can do everything you set out to then most likely you will. If you don’t, then the battle has been lost before it’s even started.

I don’t want to make this too long as I like to give enough to get people thinking however I will say this: make sure you do get time to actually live your life in some way or another. If you have a passion/ a hobby – find time to take it up and experience it even if its only short lived. Otherwise time will pass, it will be too late and all you’ll be able to do is look back in regret.

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