If you’ve never heard of the LifeCycle Challenge then you’re probably wondering what my latest entry is all about. If you are familiar with this brutal cycling event that is organised yearly then you’re probably just as lost.

Here’s a picture of some of this year’s brave participants en route in Zambia to make you feel even more baffled. But fear not, because it’s all about to make complete sense as I present our latest Event : A Taste of Italy.

I first learned about the LifeCycle Challenge when I was about 12 years old. Back then my mum’s company used to sponsor the activity and I still remember being dragged out to one of the spinning sessions which they had held outside at the Valletta Waterfront to raise awareness and collect funds. I say dragged because at the time I had never heard of the word spinning and with it being a Saturday I was not looking forward to joining my mum on what I thought would be one of her usual work events. Little did I know that this memory would stick with me my entire life.

I can still picture my face when I first caught sight of about 20 people riding these stationary bikes and really having a blast. My mum told me that they would be cycling on these bikes for a good number of hours. Being the competitive child that I was, I hopped onto one of the bikes (ok I was helped up) and had already planned to spend my entire afternoon there – I was convinced I would be the last one standing. Safe to say I lasted 90 minutes and paid the price for a number of days later. When you are a child you have no concept of pacing yourself – let’s just say I amazed quite a number of the participants that day. Although I felt like I had failed miserably and sulked for a while, that day I gained a huge amount of respect for these cyclists and for the Challenge as a whole.

The LifeCycle Challenge has come a long way since then with participants riding over 2000km in 10 days across the most remote countries you can imagine. Being a cyclist myself and knowing a good number of previous participants, I can say that this requires hours and hours in the saddle and is definitely not for the faint hearted. This year the challenge is being held in Zambia. Cyclists put their body to the ultimate test as they deal with extreme weather conditions, fatigue, lack of sleep and varied terrain, alongside other external factors. Sounds extreme – here’s why each year people take up the challenge :

  1. To raise awareness about Renal Disease.
  2. To raise funds for the high tech equipment necessary to upgrade the Renal Unit at Mater Dei Hospital.
  3. To increase the quality of life of Renal Patients by allowing them access to cutting edge levels of care.
  4. To support research in paediatric Renal Disease.

With this said, it’s no secret that they need all the support they can get. Here at Malta University Sports and Leisure we are all about helping others  and what better way than by bringing friends and families together in an al fresco dining experience?

I give you our first ever PIZZA/ PASTA Buffet ! Join us on Sunday the 7th of August at 19:30 hrs, at Surfside in Sliema and help raise funds for the Renal Unit. Apart from donating a portion of the proceeds to this cause we shall also be holding a raffle on the night with some great prizes to be won. Tickets cost €20 for adults and €12 for children under 10 and we have a menu that’s worth bragging about:

Don’t worry we aren’t asking you to cycle hundreds of kilometres; you can still show your support for this worthy cause. Good food, great company and a relaxed environment by the sea with live background music – what more could you ask for ? NOT TO BE MISSED !

Follow THIS LINK to purchase your tickets today. Bookings will be accepted until Wednesday the 3rd of August.

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