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Team Building

How well do you really know your team? Make this the year you become a more efficient company by investing in your employees. A happy worker is a fruitful one.

At Malta University Sports & Leisure, we can help plan out a fun-packed event, tailored to your requirements. You can choose from archery, team mini-games, jeep treasure hunts etc… the list is endless. We’ll even throw in lunch, coffee breaks and dinners.

Do we have you convinced? Find out what others had to say or Get in touch. Let’s sit down over a cup of coffee and come up with your ideal team building activity. Alternatively you can call us on +356 2340 8906.

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” 

Henry Ford


“I would like to thank the Malta University Sports and Leisure Team for the enjoyable and well-planned team-building day held at the University Residence. Well done to all, I would definitely recommend to anyone seeking to organize a similar event!”

Christine Pisani, Assistant Accountant, Finance Office, University of Malta.

“The team at Malta University Sports and Leisure were very helpful when it came to the organization of the event for the employees at Malta Enterprise. All the employees enjoyed the activities prepared. The food was nice and special care was given to those with special dietary requirements. Thank you all for making this day so much fun.”

Fleurette Zarb Cocks, Manager, Marketing & Brand Portfolio, Malta Enterprise.

“Truth be told, the last thing I was up to on a cold morning in December was a Team Building Day. Yet, the minute I saw my colleagues chattering excitedly and eyeing the array of bows and arrows on the shooting range, ready for our first archery session, I knew I was in for a good time. Turns out I’m somewhat better than expected at archery, which did make my day, but there were way more activities in store for us so I headed to our next game.

‘Angry Birds’ proved to be physically tiring for me and I made a mental note that I need to get healthier and fitter. But I was so ecstatic that our team was syntonic when ‘firing’ our angry birds towards the target that I forgot all about the fatigue and merrily headed for our next challenge! From ‘Barbie Rescue’ to the ‘Aquadot’, the games required our full attention and coordination. Before these team-building activities, there were some colleagues on my team whom I barely knew and now we found ourselves using pet names to shout out instructions and make sure that the Jenga wooden block tower didn’t collapse.

Yes, in my head it started out as an activity which I wasn’t looking forward to. By the end of it, I was already trying to convince my boss to organize a similar event for us. And soon.”

Dorianne Attard Mamo, Manager, Projects Support, Finance Office, University of Malta.

“For the first Team Building session organised within a new directorate with new staff I opted to use the services of Malta University Sports and Leisure. Being the first one I had to make sure this would be a success.  The team building session was truly a good experience for all the staff and reached the goals I had visualised.  The activities planned were perfect for the mix of people with different background and academic levels.  The staff at Malta University Sports and Leisure were very helpful throughout the planning of the Team Building and made it very easy for me to have everything as I wished it to be.  On top of this my budget was pretty limited and yet they managed to come up with a full package including lunch with top notch service.”

Bernadette Ellul Felice, Director, Corporate Services, Ministry for EU Affairs.