Murphy’s Marathon for Hospice Malta

Although it would have sounded nice to start this entry off on something along the lines of Christmas came early for our unit in 2017; things didn’t quite go that way. In fact come the 25th of December, we were still quite a long way off reaching our €1,200 target that we had hoped to raise for Hospice Malta. […]

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2017 in Review

This time last year, I had written a similar entry about how our year had gone and it recently came up as a memory on Facebook. This got me thinking about the amount of things that have happened since then and what a lot there is to be proud of. So here goes; I give […]

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The Day we tried out an Escape Room


As I walked into ‘Can you Escape? Escape Room Malta’s’ headquarters in Fgura, this was one of the first things I came across – an image of the word ‘Cortisol’ framed on the wall. Being an athlete I immediately made the connection with feelings of stress and […]

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E.F.R.U. to the Rescue

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If you’ve ever organised a large event before, you know that it’s not just about choosing a date, marketing the event and then showing up on the day.

There are lots of ‘little’ details in between to think about (some of which actually aren’t little at […]

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