//Battle of the Brains – the Calm after the Storm

Battle of the Brains – the Calm after the Storm

So election fever is (more or less) over and we’re all left trying to pick the pieces up and get back to normal.

Things got pretty heated – to put it mildly – in the weeks leading up to the election. Facebook was full of people unfriending anyone with opposing political views. And worse still, there were many arguments among friends and even in families.

But what now? Will you never again speak to someone who voted for the other political party? Will you avoid any situation unless there are only fellow PN or Labour supporters?

Here in the office, we don’t think that’s the way things should be done. And we feel we have a good solution for you: the third edition of ‘Battle of the Brains’ on Friday 14th July, a quiz night with a difference, supporting research in ALS through collaboration with the University of Malta Research, Innovation & Development Trust (RIDT).

Apart from helping bridge the divide, here are 5 reasons you definitely shouldn’t miss this event:

  1. It’s for a good cause.

Since its setting up in 2011, the RIDT has managed to raise very close to €2m from the Maltese community towards research in various areas of study at the University of Malta. As you’re probably aware, there is currently no cure for ALS and the disease is terminal; our aim is to help fund more and more research so as to get closer to combatting the illness.

  1. You can earn some serious bragging rights if your team wins.

With extremely varied rounds, everyone at our quiz nights gets their moment to shine. But ultimately, there can only be one winner and believe me past winners still feel a sense of pride when they think about that moment when they were crowned champions.


  1. Whether you manage point 4 or not, you can win some really cool prizes.

Apart from great prizes for the winning team, we’ll also have a fundraising raffle to raise even more funds for our cause. Thanks to our amazing sponsors we have some fantastic prizes up for grabs including  a weekend break for 2, dinners at various restaurants for 2, vouchers for pool entry (full day), various hair care vouchers and more. Not to be missed!!!


  1. Win or lose, a quiz is always great for team building.

We have many regulars who come to each edition of ‘Battle of the Brains’ because they say it’s such a great team building opportunity or a good excuse for a night out with family and friends

  1. And we can guarantee it’s going to be lots of fun.

At each edition of ‘Battle of the Brains’, I always end up wishing I was taking part instead of organising. It definitely isn’t your regular quiz night and we’ve always got something new up our sleeves.

Bonus: We are also pleased to announce that we shall be holding the quiz at Saracino’s restaurant in Attard. Al fresco dining and we’ve even thrown in garlic bread and pizza.

Do we have you convinced? Full details are here.

SIGN UP TODAY ONLINE or call on on 79538545 (Hannah).

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