//Meet the Team Mondays – Reggie Bartolo

Meet the Team Mondays – Reggie Bartolo

I know it has been a while since I wrote about my recent work antics but things have been a bit hectic and I also just haven’t had that ‘Eureka Moment’ lately to get me into blogger mode. Well, until yesterday that is! I was having a conversation with my boyfriend and for some reason I happened to mention my colleague Reggie. Usually my work related conversations with any of my family members tend to be quite one sided with a bunch of nodding from the other party (because we all know how much I can talk if given the opportunity) but this time was different. My boyfriend actually turned to me and said, “Who is this Reggie that you bring up quite often and what’s his role in your company?” For once, and believe me this is a very rare moment and I have only experienced a few of these in my life, I was tongue tied. I realised that I knew very little about the kindhearted man who I’d shared an office with from day 1 at MUHC.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not like we had just ignored each other for the past months. In fact we chat almost every day since Reggie is very much into the sporting scene (despite no longer practising it himself) – currently he fills me in, every morning, on all the latest Olympics’ happenings. When I initially walked into the office, on my first day at work, from the four desks he was occupying, 3 computer screens, two printers and an excessive amount of paperwork; it was clear to me that Reggie was definitely a busy man! Since both me and my colleague Johanna have now moved into his office, he has had to compress his work space down to two desks now (and numerous filing cabinets).

So, before I go off topic (I told you I’m a talker), back to Reggie and why he is my latest victim in my series of ‘Meet the Team’ blog entries. Apart from being a talker, I am also extremely curious hence I decided to do some digging into my ‘now mysterious’ office buddy. I delved deep into company records desperate to get some answers – ok I’m being dramatic here, I did look up an old newsletter where the company had done a short bio on Reggie. Having said this, mostly I turned to my trusty colleague, Johanna (who I consider a bit of a Mrs. Fixit). It was quite a shock to find out that Reggie had been with the company since 1992 (that is before I was even born!). His present role at Malta University Publishing is administrator, as well as Book-Designer for the Journal of Mediterranean Studies (Mediterranean Institute at the University of Malta) and also for Malta University Publishing – that figures all the paperwork!

Anyway, that’s quite a bit of talk from my end – let’s hear what Reggie had to say:

1) Tell us a bit about how you spend a normal day at the office?

My normal day begins by going through my emails and answering the urgent ones. Then I continue formatting a publication in hand. During the day as normal, I have to answer various telephone calls regarding orders besides the foreign authors in connection with the journals.

2) How do you find working on Campus – any funny stories to tell?

It is interesting being in contact with students and lecturers but I don’t remember any funny story.

somehow I’m certain Reggie is being his usual polite self 🙂 Working on Campus definitely has its eventful days…

3) What do you do outside of work?

Outside work, I normally take care of my small garden and plants. Twice a week I pick up my grandchildren from school and do some house maintenance where necessary. Obviously I watch football every Wednesday and weekends. At the moment I watch quite a few Olympic games which interest me.

I told you he was my go to for any of the latest Sporting Events! He is also one of the reasons why I am now able to engage in long football discussions with my boyfriend 😉

4) Did you always picture yourself in this role? Or did you have different plans as a child?

No, I never pictured myself in this role. As a child I always thought I would become a teacher.

Reggie is someone very calm so I could really imagine him being good with kids.

5) What are 3 things that you consider essential in your life?

The 3 essential things in my life are: (a) Health, (b) Family, © Religion.

You forgot the wine…. just kidding, he definitely has his priorities right!

6) Mention the thing you most like and least like about your job.

I’m happiest when a publication is appreciated by authors and the public and receives good feedback. The thing that I dislike is when I have a publication which has not been edited properly and I have to check it again to avoid certain mistakes and inconsistencies.

7) What are your thoughts on the new craze: Pokemon Go ?

In my opinion, I think it is a big craze especially when you see adult people playing this game.

hehe he probably thought this was really random and out of place but i was hoping he would mention his recent shock when he took his wife to Mdina one night and got hounded by overly keen Poke-hunters. It had me in stitches listening to him describe this at the office!

As you can see Reggie is quite the character and despite the age gap, he is definitely someone who I enjoy meeting almost every day and listening to what he has to say. He adds colour to my days at work and the office always feels a little empty when he isn’t there.

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