//Video killed the Radio Star

Video killed the Radio Star

I guess this is quite a random title for my latest post but it’s somewhat radio related plus I really like the song :). So what has the radio got to do with my recent work antics anyway ? Well here’s something you probably didn’t know – my office is actually based at a radio station, Campus FM 103.7, forming part of my company MUHC. This is the University of Malta’s radio station and it boasts educational programmes involving both students and lecturers alike on numerous occasions. Although my work rarely entails anything related to the radio station since I fall under a separate sector, these past 6 months I have gotten to know the Campus FM Team. They have been extremely welcoming and overall they create a great  and relaxed ambience to work in.

Campus FM has been around for quite a number of years now and over time has won some credible awards. Apart from offering listeners in-depth programmes dealing with a vast variety of topics including culture and research, the radio station offers companies numerous opportunities to raise brand awareness through spot advertising and sponsorship opportunities. I don’t usually do this in my blogs but I am extremely passionate about local education. I am thus reaching out to companies since there is also a strong corporate social responsibility justification to support this.  Today’s a short one; as I’ve mentioned in the past this blog is very much unplanned and this has just been something that’s been on my mind for some time. So on that note, I’ll leave you with a flyer:

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