///The Sweet Kiss of Awareness

The Sweet Kiss of Awareness


Author: Steven Zammit

Are you hungry? This book offers a sweet kiss to those who are hungry for increased awareness. It is a journey into the mind; a stimulus unlocking humans’ limitless nature. The reader is provided with food for thought involving the social construction of ideas. Focus is made on creating awareness of the dangerous nature of absolutes which can  debilitate humans from being open to experience and to new ways of thinking. The author aims to illustrate numerous ways in which loss of awareness debilitates psychological  growth while considering the technological age in which people are living. This illustration is made through the help of scientific theories, also including philosophical ideas. The author amalgamates various ideas on how to break the limits previously demonstrated by providing practical solutions. The society viewed as mechanised is supplied with further understanding of emotions and the need of increased emotional intelligence, resilience and meaning … a kiss that you will never forget!