//“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”

I’m not usually one to comment about public affairs and I promise this will not be turning  into that type of blogger but I really think that this is becoming a huge issue in Malta. Google “Malta Obesity” and the amount of articles that pop up is overwhelming. The fact that our country’s obesity crisis caught the eye of the New York Times last year is even more worrying when you consider that America is constantly being criticised for its unhealthy diet. What are we doing about this? Apart from numerous articles on local newspapers and the occasional post on facebook groups such as ‘the salott’ or ‘are you being served’ which usually get out of hand, turn to mud-slinging and end up being closed by the page admin – not much.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m an athlete, but I also love my food so I’m not saying we need to start eating salads all the time. I started this blog post with a quote which at this stage probably seems quite random but it’s actually extremely apt. It’s a very important phrase to me as it defines the way I live my life. I learnt from an extremely young age that it’s all about balance – and you can apply it to everything you do. So back to the obesity issue, here’s my take on how we should be dealing with things. Many take the ‘cold turkey’ approach and turn to extreme dieting but let’s face it unless you are the most disciplined person in the world this is never going to work. Opt for a balance, eat healthier but also exercise. Don’t dread it – learn to enjoy it!

Here at MUHC we organise a great deal of fun events throughout the year and I can assure that everyone has a blast. What better way to get yourself healthy than by participating in our annual Ring Road Races or by joining us at our first ever Dragon Boat Race event this summer? It’s also possible to book 1 hour slots for the University 5-a-side football pitches throughout the year with some pretty sweet rates and offers. Get your kids into the spirit of living a healthy lifestyle and bring them along. This summer we have the perfect workshop for them too  FOOTBALL SKILLS-4-KIDS  (click on the captions for more information) to get them exercising throughout the summer months whilst enjoying their holidays with friends. You’d better get cracking with this one as registrations close this Friday (10th June) – we guarantee your kids will love it.

You see? There are a huge amount of options on how to keep healthy – it doesn’t have to be all about sacrifice, you can actually have a lot of fun too! What are you waiting for? Take on the challenge today – get fit this summer 2016!

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