//Lights, Camera, Action

Lights, Camera, Action

If you are thinking on the lines of filming then you’re correct in having figured out the theme of our latest entry. These past few days have been a bit of an adventure for me – from witnessing a six foot tall camera man whiz up and down on his skateboard to dumping my car in the middle of Regional Road let’s just say I’ve seen it all by now. Definitely not your typical day in the office but here at MUHC we aren’t exactly your ‘normal’ bunch 😉

Ok I’m guessing I’ve lost you at this point but fear not for all is about to be revealed. This all started almost a year ago on my first day of ‘work’ – I say ‘work’ for the simple reason that my so called day of training quickly turned into a huge brainstorming session between me and my manager. When I get an idea, I tend to go off on one (whatever gave you that impression? …).

Months later, what started out as an ‘imagine that …’ chat has really had an impact on the company. We have actually put numerous ideas into practice and a lot of which have been a huge success. NEVER BE AFRAID TO SPEAK OUT – my mother is probably cringing at reading and yes maybe my mouth does get me into sticky situations at times but I still cannot stress how important this phrase is in life. Had I been the shy type back then, I would have never given my ideas for new merchandise items and we would not have spent the last few days shooting a cool video and some pretty amazing photos too, to help promote the launch of our new product line.

Two of our new T-Shirts are themed around Pink October and Movember and we have decided to donate a portion of our proceeds to the relative causes. I remember at the time saying that we would need to figure out a promotional plan to make these items go viral and really help raise funds. What better way to get the crowd going than by teaming up with the most funky marketing company I know  – BRND WGN (I’m kind of a huge fan or so is every other marketing graduate I know).

So with a super cool photographer/ videographer, 4 keen Students who were absolutely brilliant and bags and bags of UoM Merchandise (I must stress the amount of bags because I got to lug them around everywhere – dear coach who needs the gym ?), we got cracking. At this point I really cannot thank these people enough for making this happen. I am still overwhelmed with the final result, without further ado, I give you our AWESOME MERCHANDISE VIDEO:

https://www.facebook.com/UniversitySportsAndLeisure/videosOh and here are some pretty sweet shots too:

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