Definitely not the way I had envisioned my next blog post…. but lately the team has been busy planning our next event “Battle of the Brains” – a quiz night with a bit of a difference. I’m going to be honest here, I’m not usually the ‘quiz type’ but being directly involved in all the planning including coming up with fun ideas for rounds and questions got me thinking – QUIZZES ARE ACTUALLY THE BOMB!! Here’s my take on why everyone should attend at least one quiz night in their life:

1. Ladies love a smart guy

Remember that dumb guy in college? Nobody does… because let’s face it, what better way to make a lady fall for you than by impressing them with your wide range of knowledge. A quiz is the ideal way to flaunt your mental skills – invite your woman to a fun night out in a relaxed environment (usually these events are held in bars/ pubs) and make an impression. For added brownie points win the entire thing and give her the prize (awards are usually pretty cool).


For all those ladies out there – fear not, boys are equally blown away by an intelligent girl so a quiz is the ideal alternative to a date with a bit of a difference.

2. Everyone likes a competition (or a chance at winning free stuff)

Well ok not everyone but come on the majority of us do have some form of a competitive spirit and we all like to win. If you’re anything like me you jump at the chance of being involved in anything that can be defined as a contest. For the less intense – a quiz is awesome because apart from being crowned a winner, it’s also a great opportunity to win free stuff and the prizes usually tend to be pretty sweet.


3. They are usually great fund-raisers too

Most quiz nights tend to be organised in aid of some form of charitable cause. For instance our quiz is aiming to help support research in ALS.  Apart from being a great night out with friends, quizzes have the added bonus of helping out others. You can have a ton of fun and still support a cause – it’s the ideal situation.

4. The ideal team builder

Lately organisations have started to realise the importance of their employee dynamics and are forking out quite a bit of money on planning team building events. A quiz night is perfect for this and they are a much cheaper option too – a great night out for the office but also a good opportunity to get staff to work together.


5. A good excuse to go out

Can’t justify another night out at the pub? Well now you can! A quiz is a good way to get out with friends but also better your general knowledge. It’s bound to be a good laugh and hey what does it matter if you do have a few drinks too (after all it’s all for a good cause 😉 ).


NEED I SAY MORE?? Join us at our Quiz Night on the 20th of May. All the details are available on our facebook page and website. Want to keep up to date via email – subscribe now! Still not convinced? Here’s the event flyer:

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